KING SKYFRONT Networking Council

Industry-academia-administration all engage in exchange and collaboration, and pursue sustainable development of the KING SKYFRONT area by planning the revitalization of business activities and research while also developing improvements in operating environments and attractive urban planning for R&D hubs.


■Activity Details
 – Mutual exchange and collaboration between members
 – Exchange and collaboration with hubs and clusters in and out of Kawasaki
 – Exchange with residents of the area
 – Efforts in planning the revitalization of business activities and research in KING SKYFRONT
 – Efforts in planning solutions for issues in the KING SKYFRONT area
 – Dissemination of information related to Council activities
 – Other necessary projects to accomplish the goals of the Council


56 institutions(as of May, 2023)


■Membership Qualifications
 – Universities, research institutes, local government etc. located in KING SKYFRONT
 – Or while not situated in KING SKYFRONT, an institute that still engages in regular activities at KING SKYFRONT


■Membership Admission and Withdrawal
Admission applications and withdrawal forms are submitted to an administrative office and then subjected to approval from the board of directors.


■Membership Fees
In order to finance Council activities, a membership fee is charged. However, the initial membership period is free. Please note that for expenses pertaining to event projects, etc. each participant will be charged a fee.


■Organization Structure
 – General Assembly
 – Board of Directors
 – Specialty Assemblies (General Affairs and Planning Assembly, Exchange and Collaboration Assembly, Cluster Promotion and Function Investigation Assembly)


■Council Administrative Office
KING SKYFRONT Management Center,
Coastal Area International Strategy Headquarters,
Kawasaki City
RGBT2 1A, 3-25-10, Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
Kanagawa, Japan, 210-0821